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Otway Fly encourages people to ‘Learn to Love Forests’!

  • Wednesday 20th March 2019

The team at Otway Fly Treetop Adventures is embracing the theme for the United Nation’s International Day of Forests (Thursday 21 March) with a heart-shaped symbol of their appreciation for their stunning surrounds.

In line with the 2019 theme of ‘Learn to Love Forests’, Otway Fly is proudly displaying a giant wreath made from native flora on the 25 metre-high Treetop Walk!

This year the United Nations is using International Day of Forests to promote education. The organisation is calling for people of all ages to understand that healthy forests are crucial for our future and to learn about sustainable forest management.

Nestled deep in the Otway Ranges near the Great Ocean Road, Otway Fly is situated on 225 acres of Wet Sclerophyll Forest and Cool Temperate Rainforest. The attraction offers a 600 metre-long Treetop Walk, a 45 metre-high Spiral Tower and an exhilarating Zipline Tour.

Not only is Otway Fly a destination for adventure, it has an immersive school excursion program, providing groups with fun experiences that include education about the local ecosystem, land use, food webs and sustainability.

The Otway Fly team is made up of passionate community members such as John Hawker-Chalmers, a certified arborist and the attraction’s Outdoor Operations Supervisor.

“This native wreath is a symbol of our love and appreciation for the forest we call home. As well as being a fun outdoor experience, Otway Fly educates and informs people about the importance of sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation,” said John. 

“Forests are extremely important as we have a symbiotic relationship with all trees. They help filter our air, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and aerate and compost our soil so it’s clean and healthy. Our guides have a genuine love of the Otway Ranges and enjoy discussing of the benefits of forests with our visitors,” continued John. 

Since it’s opening in 2013, the Otway team has worked to minimize its ecological footprint and support the principles of sustainable development. Examples of this include collecting, treating and recycling rainwater, the use of paper bags, paper packaging and environmentally sound chemicals, annual tree planting and the control of weeds and pests.  

For further information about International Day of Forests visit: