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A classroom… in the forest!

The OtwayFly Treetop Walk is an innovative way to explore and learn in an exciting environment, allowing the students to be outdoors among nature. It's a the forest!

The Treetop Walk allows students to experience the rainforest in comfort and safety, from a variety of educational perspectives.

Both guided tours and self-guided options are available. Schools can also book zipline tours where they can  zip through the leafy treetops of the magnificent Otway Ranges from one ‘Cloud Station’ to another!

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Available excursions

We have a number of different school excursions to choose from:

School excursions are available on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays only.

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Otwayfly Rainforestwalk

Rainforest Walk

The Rainforest and Treetop Walk is 1.9km and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. The Treetop Walk operates in most weather conditions – open rain, hail or shine!

The Rainforest Walk is home to magical enchanted neighbourhoods including: Dragon's Nest, Fairy Village, Pixie Hollow, Shamrock Close, Troll Town.

Download Fairy Village activity sheets and Pixie Hollow Literacy Resources.

Discover the Enchanted Forest
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Treetop Walk

The walk includes a 600 metre-long, 25 - 30 metre-high elevated walkway that provides unrivalled views of the unique beauty of the region’s flora and fauna, from the rainforest floor up into the soaring heights of the treetops.

Don’t miss the 47-metre tall Spiral Tower and the cantilever perched above Young’s Creek – a truly exhilarating experience as you gently sway with the rainforest canopy.

The visitors centre is a perfect place to regroup after the walk, with plenty of tables and chairs for the students to complete class worksheets and a large open field to sit and enjoy lunch!

Zipline 68

Zipline Tours

Students can zip through the leafy treetops of the magnificent Otway Ranges from one ‘Cloud Station’ to another, suspended up to 30 metres above the forest floor. Specialist guides will provide training and unique rainforest insights. The Zipline tour takes up to 2.5 hours. 


  • Students must at least five years of age and a minimum 125cm tall
  • Maximum weight of 117kgs fully clothed
  • Students need to be of a reasonable degree of physical ability and will be asked to perform four (4) consecutive deep squats and to hold the flying position for 5 seconds (sitting on a chair leaning back with legs above belly button height).

About the Zipline
Nationaltreeday Edm600x338

National Tree Day Resource

Get your students out and about with our Tree Fact sheet! Students are encourages to find their own tree at home or at school and find out ALL the fun facts about their chosen tree!

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Tree Planting Certificate

Download our tree planting certificate to display in the classroom or have students take home!


2024 Calendar

Explore, learn and discover in 2024 with this Otway Fly Calendar perfect for your classroom!

Otwayfly Beneathtreetops

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Want to know what Otway Fly Treetop Adventures has to offer your class?

All registered teachers are offered a complimentary pre-visit scouting for advanced educational preparation!

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