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The Great Ocean Road is one of those places that never fail to surprise and is recognised by travellers worldwide as a right of passage, a journey and natural feature that is a spectacular collage of awe inspiring coastal, cliff, and rainforest views.

A winding feat of historic and engineering road construction and design brilliance complete with a spattering of romantic beach towns dating back for a hundred years and a journey along the edge of Bass Straight and the Great Southern Ocean past rugged cliffs, famous surf beaches, and native Australian bush-land and coastal flora and fauna.

Rich in history, Bass Straight has been renowned since the discovery of Australia by Europeans back in 1788, as one of the worlds most treacherous stretches of water, protecting the entrance to Port Phillip Bay around which Melbourne has unravelled over the last couple of centuries. The waters that hug the Great Ocean Road and this stretch of coast are rich with seafaring history and folklore complete with tragic yet heroically romantic shipwrecks and maritime disasters.

The heart of this incredible road, the reason that it ticks throughout every varying Australian season, the reason that it is discussed in homes, villas, chalets and apartments around the world, and the reason why so many Victorians, Australians, and international guests to Australia head along the road every year could be any one of the spectacular views, the rich history, the beautiful beaches and awesome surf breaks, the Otway Ranges and Rainforest itself, and the plethora of life, fun, and exploration to be enjoyed on such a journey.

Watch a glimpse of the Great Ocean Road here

The magic of the Great Ocean Road is in the journey. It’s taking the time to catch the passing views, to chat with the locals, and to take deep lungfuls of fresh air on the coast and in the hills. To make the most of the experience, plan for a few days on the Road. For more information on suggested itineraries, visit

Happy travels!