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A Mini Family Holiday Near Melbourne with Toddlers

  • Saturday 7th March 2020

For your next family holiday, venture three hours from Melbourne for a break all ages will enjoy. Yes, toddler activities included! Destination: Otway Fly Treetop Adventures.

Situated within the lush Otway Ranges, this family-favourite attraction boasts the exhilarating Treetop Walk and famous Zipline Tours. Here’s why you, your tots and everyone in-between will love this mini family holiday in Melbourne.


Why Parents Love it

On your next family holiday, escape into the shady rainforest. Ahhh, the fresh air. With stunning scenery and cool climates, Otway Fly melts away city chaos and lets you finally unwind. Whether you’re taking a romantic walk through the canopies or suspended to soar like a bird, the attraction perfectly blends relaxation and adventure.

With tots in tow, slow down your day’s itinerary of toddler activities. The spaciousness at Otway Fly allows you to be more present in the moment and soak up quality family time.

Take memorable pictures of your tot’s first travel experiences. How exciting to watch them grow in every little and big moment! Here is the beginning of their lifelong love with nature.

Did you know the Treetop Walk is pram-friendly and FREE for children under 3? Score! Oh, and there’s coffee. Check out the onsite cafe serving up delicious, affordable food that makes organising a family lunch, super easy. Double score!


Why Tots Love it

Everything is new and interesting for these adorable mites. Engage their curiosity and senses. They’ll be wide-eyed and wondrous; inspecting colours, plants and insects. Watch them pointing, naming and questioning.

There’s plenty of green space to skip about safely. While exploring, your toddler might discover a new found love for little leaves and special sticks. They could start a cool collection. Or draw the scene – so bring crayons and paper.

Just turned 5 and at least 125cm tall? They might be ready to step outside their comfort zone for their first-ever zip! From one ‘Cloud Station’ to another, they’ll wonderfully lose track of time while climbing and flying through the rainforest. Don’t worry, there’s an expert guide to keep them safe and teach them nature secrets along the way.

Most importantly, toddlers love nothing more than your undivided and loving attention. Phones down, bonding levels up. Otway Fly is a mini family holiday with wholesome toddler activities that everyone will cherish forever.


Discounted Tickets

Book tickets to visit Otway Fly online to save! There are also special family tickets and group booking discounts.


Travel Tips

Why not make a day of it? As Otway Fly is just 20 minutes from Great Ocean Road, so you can regularly pull over for swimming, sandcastles and beachside barbies. In the Otways, chase spectacular waterfalls like Erskine Falls, Marriners Falls and Triplet Falls. The toddler-friendly activities in the region are endless.

Making it a weekender? There are great family-friendly accommodation options. Check them out at Otways Accommodation and Great Ocean Road Accommodation.

And if you’re driving from Melbourne, be sure to load up tot-friendly podcasts that even adults will enjoy like Story Time and Story Pirates.